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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to fundraise?

Contrary to its name, fundraising isn’t very fun. The great thing about fundraising though, is that it’s the way we can keep this program free for Northgate families. Check out our Fundraising page for the whys and hows of the fundraisers we do.

Can I just donate money instead?

Absolutely! You can do that here.

I'm a business. Can I sponsor Northgate OM?

You betcha! You can do that here.

Can you link some great OM resources?

We sure can! Head over to our Resources page for lots more information.

Is Northgate Odyssey a non-profit?

We are! We gained non-profit status in 2022.

What can I expect my child to experience in OM?

Teams will meet once a week after school on a day chosen by the coach. Teams tend to meet right after school and meetings typically last between 1 to 2 hours, though this can vary depending on the coach and grade level. During these meetings, team members do team building, work on their long-term problem, and practice spontaneous problems.

If the team is behind in their preparations for competition, there is a good chance that the weekly meetings may expand to two days per week after the New Year. This will be a decision of the coach in conversation with the team.

What is my role as a parent of an OM participant?

Team Mindset: We ask you to help us instill the idea that this is a team competition and team members should be committed to the team by showing up regularly and being positive contributors in practices.

No Outside Assistance: We also ask that you not give your child ideas about how to solve the problem or tell them what to do as part of their solution. Indeed, this is referred to as Outside Assistance and it will result in a penalty against the team at competition. Coaches are trained so they can instruct without a penalty.

How can I help?

Fundraising: OM is run as a free program, but we have many expenses, which we expect to amount to approximately $70 per child this year. Fundraisers help us pay for team budgets, materials, competition shirts, and much, much more. Anything you can do to help us raise money during our fundraisers will be greatly appreciated.

Volunteer: For the regional competition, there will be opportunities to serve as a judge or competition volunteer. After the New Year, we will be reaching out to solicit help. Please know that each team must have 2 judges and 1 volunteer at the Regional Competition or they will be penalized. 

Board: If you are interested in helping the Northgate Odyssey organization, please contact us at

Social Media: Follow us on social media. Facebook @NorthgateOdyssey and Twitter @NGSDOdyssey.